Motorbike Rental  - The best way to get around
There is plenty to explore on Vietnam's largest island and Beach Club is a perfect base from which to do just that! Rental costs 120,000 VND (around 6 US Dollars) a day for a semi-automatic bike and 170,000VND (around 8 US Dollars) a day for a fully automatic bike, and we can easily make the necessary arrangements for you.
Island Tours  - See the island from a local's perspective
If you're not too keen on driving a motorbike yourself, why not use the expertise of a local guide who can show you around. A guide and his bike will cost from 300,000 VND (around 14 US Dollars) for an unforgettable day out. Remember to take your camera! For those wanting a little luxury, Beach Club can easily arrange for a guide to show you around in an air conditioned car.
Boat Trips - Snorkelling & 
There are some great boat trips available around Phu Quoc Island. You will be collected in the morning and driven by minibus down to the main harbour at the south of the island where you will board a boat which will take you on a fantastic relaxing trip around the An Thoi Islands, fishing and snorkelling above coral reefs on the way. Relax on a couple of the island beaches and enjoy a delicious seafood hot pot lunch. Again, your Beach Club team can make the arrangements for you - the price is 17 US Dollars a person for a full day out, including lunch and two-way transfers. We recommend John's Tours and for more information on their trips go to
Scuba Diving  - Take the plunge!
Phu Quoc Island has some of the best dive sites in Vietnam and various operators offer daily dive trips during the dry season.
And in case you need to keep in touch with the outside world, we have free Wifi installed in the restaurant area for the convenience of our guests.
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