Getting to Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Island is only 25 miles (40km) off the south-west coast of Vietnam at the closest point, and is easily accessible by both air and boat. Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air and Jetstar Airways fly direct from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) with several flights scheduled daily - the flight takes less than an hour and is very reasonably priced with tickets costing from 790,000 VND (about 37 US Dollars) one-way. And return flights back to HCMC are just as frequent. Vietnam Airlines and VietJet Air also operate direct flights between Hanoi and Phu Quoc, with prices for a one-way ticket starting at 1,670,000 VND which is about 78 US Dollars.

For those wishing to travel to or from the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Airlines operate direct flights between Rach Gia on the Vietnamese mainland and Phu Quoc which take only half an hour, costing from 670,000 VND (about 31 US Dollars) one-way. There are also daily direct flights with Vietnam Airlines between Can Tho in the Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc, costing from 515,000 VND one-way (about 24 US Dollars).

In late 2014 Vietnam Airlines started direct international flights between Phu Quoc and Singapore and also between Phu Quoc and Siem Reap in Cambodia, which has the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Angkor Temples.

Flight tickets can be booked online at, and

*Please note the above flight ticket prices are the Special Deal fares from Vietnam Airlines for early booking as stated on their website and are subject to change.*

Also, there are daily passenger boats to Phu Quoc using Rach Gia port and the voyage takes two and a half hours. There is now also an authorised passenger boat which travels between Ha Tien and Phu Quoc scheduled for every day. However, take note that whilst these boats are scheduled to sail this is not always the case!

Regarding getting to and from Cambodia overland, as well as the established border near to Chau Doc, the Ha Tien border crossing is now open to tourists.

WARNING: Although there are boats other than the passenger ferries from Ha Tien in the Mekong Delta, Beach Club strongly advises against taking these boats, particularly in the rainy season. They do not meet proper safety standards and we understand it is in fact illegal for them to take foreigners as passengers.

PLEASE NOTE: During the busy dry season we can only take advance bookings from guests who have already purchased flight tickets to the island, and thus are sure to arrive here on the exact date for which they have booked accommodation!

Getting to Beach Club

We are situated on Long Beach (the sunset beach), on the island's west coast.

If you're flying to Phu Quoc airport, it is an easy ten-minute journey to Beach Club by meter taxi. There are meter taxis available at the airport which can take you down to the resort, and the fare is about 120,000 VND (including the airport taxi exit fee) which is a little under 6 US Dollars.

And in no time at all you'll arrive at Beach Club and, then folks, you're under instruction to relax and enjoy!

If you're coming to the island by boat, there are taxis and minibuses waiting at the harbour to take people to their hotels on Long Beach, and Beach Club is about a twenty-minute drive away from the harbour.

General Information

Phu Quoc, in the Gulf of Thailand, is the largest of all Vietnam's islands, situated off the south-west coast of the country, but nearer to Cambodia than the Vietnamese mainland. Much of the island is protected national park with an abundance of mountainous and forested land, surrounded by a stunning coastline with beautiful sandy beaches. The population is in the region of 90,000 with the main activities for the locals revolving around the fishing industry, although much of Vietnam's exported black pepper is also grown on the island. Of course, tourism is coming into the frame as a means of income but, whilst there are some new hotels under construction, Phu Quoc still thankfully has a very rural and undeveloped nature about it, allowing the island to rightfully claim to be, on the one hand, a quiet tropical paradise and, on the other, a holiday getaway very easily accessible from the mainland.

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